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« And if we dared to slip a ticket, 

you would be told that there are little papers that it would be a shame to let it burn! »

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Ludovic Brosse launched is label IGOR BROSSMAN in 2002 

Interdisciplinary Visual Artist and Designer, Ludovic has been working for 20 years in creative fields.


After an Applied Arts Diploma, he studied Fashion and Art at St-Luc Institut in Belgium.


He has worked for the Paris Fashion Museum as an executive assistant and for department of fashion,

design and art & craft at Paris City Hall as a project manager.


Ludovic taught fashion design 8 years for ESMOD international group for schools in Japan, Indonesia, Turkey and China.

Today he is lecturer for various schools in France and trainer for compagnies.


Specialises in paper designs, he creates with his label IGOR BROSSMAN, clothes, lights and objects for decoration, 

exploring the ephemerality of the contemporary fashion trends .


He collaborates with fashion houses (Carven, Petit-Bateau, Absorba, Jean-Paul Knott),

Fashion trade fares (Lingerie fare, Aiguille en fête), or shops to create displays, exhibitions or decorations.