Within his 12 years of experience in education, 

Ludovic works with Fashion and Design Schools as a Design and Fashion Culture Lecturer.

He also proposes professional trainings for compagnies.


His teaching experience in multi-cultural/national environment has earned him a unique set of skills to understand/decode

different cultures and beauty, and bring that difference to influence others.


With his leadership and people skill, he can manage well your timeline,

projects and other activities with your students to carry out and develop schools Programs  and workshops.


By working on multidisciplinary projects with his label IGOR BROSSMAN, such as collections, exhibitions ,

visuel merchandising, fashion show organisation, catalog creations, he has develop my senses further,

covering almost the entire field of contemporary creative and visual culture.


The works explores the ephemeral side of fashion trend. 

He has also been given opportunities exhibit his works in galleries, store fronts,

collaborating with designers, brands and fashion fares.


What ever are your needs, 

don’t hesitate to contact Ludovic here for all your specifics asks of trainings.


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Training & Consulting