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And if we slide in your pocket a banknote,

we will tell you that here are some little papers that we can’t let burn !


By Ludovic Brosse


Interdisciplinary Artist and Designer, Ludovic has been working for 20 years in creative fields.


After a Visual Art college, he studied Fashion and Art at St-Luc Institut in Belgium.


He has worked for the Paris Fashion Museum as an executive assistant and for department of fashion,
design and art & craft at Paris City Hall as a project manager.


Ludovic taught fashion design 8 years, for an international fashion school including Japan, Indonesia, Turkey and China.

Today he works as lecturer for various design & fashion schools in France.


With his label IGOR BROSSMAN is collaborating with fares and brands for consultings, decorations, displays, exhibitions

such as for Carven, Petit-Bateau, Absorba, Jean-Paul Knott, Salon de la Lingerie, Aiguille en Fête...


He is specialises in paper designs and explores the ephemerality of the contemporary fashion trends .


He works with all kinds of paper, technics and processes to create accessories, garments, lights and objects for décoration.


Welcome in his paper world...


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